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Relax  and Rejuvenate with Seco Creek Products 
Our Seco Creek Bath product line is produced here at our farm All soaps are infused with essential oils unless specified.Soaps are made with either Olive oil / Aloe glycerin base  or  Goats Milk glycerin base .
Specified by O/A or G
 4 oz. soap infused with your choice of
 Lavender (G)  ,Rosemary & Mint (O/A)
$4.75 each
3 oz soap infused with your choice of 
Pine (O/A) , Mint (O/A), Lemongrass
$4.00 each
Guest soap 1.3 oz infused with your choice of Lavender (G), Mint (O/A), Patchouli (O/A)
Ocean Breeze (fragrance) (O/A)
3 soaps / $5.75
Loofah Sponge Soap 3.5 oz 
The perfect scrub infused with 
Cucumber/Melon fragrance (G)
$5.00 each
Bath Salts 1 oz.A mix of Sea salt & Epsom Salt Your Choice Relax with Lavender infused salts Invigorate with Mint infused salts
$3.50 each
Loofah Sponge
Grown here at the farm naturally ,organically.
The perfect sponge whether used in
 the Bath or in the Kitchen !
$4.00 each 
(Limited Quantity)