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Chocolate Mint Tea
Naturally grown and dried by the power of the sun. Can be used alone or add to other tea to add a minty flavor.
Comfrey Dry Loose Leaf
Mullein Dry Loose Leaf
Yerba Mansa Root
Yerba Mansa Tea
Yerba Mansa Loose Leaf
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Our Products
We take pride in our organically grown, naturally harvested and hand selection of quality products. 
Our  natural herbs grown in New Mexico can be shipped anywhere in the Continental US within 5 days. (based on availability)
We are currently fixing a glitch on our shipping charges ,We will either refund or credit your order if there is an over charge on shipping We apologize for this
Organically grown. Use as a poultice or develop an extract.  Not recommended for consumption.
Hand selected from the wilds of New Mexico. Effective treatment for asthma and respiratory disorders.
Ready to grow or harvest for the essential oils.See Benefits of Yerba Mansa  for details.
Yerba Mansa leaf in a convenient tea bag.  These are sold in a quanitiy of five bags (005)
This is Dry Loose Leaf no stems approximately ONE US OZ of dried Yerba Mansa Leaf 
Yerba Mansa Whole Leaf
Yerba Mansa in the Whole Leaf form you will receive six (006) whole leaves.
Yerba Mansa Essential Oil
TEMP OUT OF STOCK-Check back soon
Yerba Mansa Seed
 DISCLAIMER:  This information is based on personal experience. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Do your own research. Herbs are neither completely benign nor ineffective. They are not used in the same way as prescription drugs and are not a substitute for them
Yerba Mansa/Mint Tea
A hand blend of our natural teas. 
Tastes Great!
Yerba Mansa Starter Kit
Comes with seeds for sustainability and a ready to grow root for fast propagation.
Poultice Blend
A blend of Comfrey and Yerba Mansa.  Used as a natural topical ointment for a variety of ailments.
Loose leaf herbs are sold by Volume not by weight.